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Welcome to Rhendab_designs.


Hello everyone in blog land.  I wanted to write a post telling a little about me.  I am a boy mom of two small boys (three and one) and we just moved into our forever home (well until we decide to build our dream home, but not really sure about the time line on that).  Over the next few months and into years, I will be sharing with you my house room by room as we get them fixed up, painted and decorated.  Also I will be sharing my organization and how I stay organized with two small children. I will be also sharing Friday Favorites, cleaning tips, and tride and true organizational tips.

A little about me.  I am an Oklahoman thru and thru.  I was born and raised here and honestly I couldn’t see me living any where else than Oklahoma.  My husband, boys and I just moved to a new town and life gets crazy.  I am a lover of farmhouse and rustic decor.  I also love antique pieces as well as my treasured family heirlooms.


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