A few things I do every evening to keep me on track!

A few things I do every evening to keep me on track!


I will admit, at night I just want to lay around and be lazy.  But then I think about everything that I need to do the next day and I get right to picking up the house. 

The first thing I do is wash my dishes from supper.  I try to keep my dishwasher unloaded during the day (it takes less than five minutes, I’ve timed myself) so loading the dishwasher is a snap.  It is always so nice to go to bed with a clean sink and kitchen. 

The second thing I do is make sure nothing is in the washer.  This saves time in the long run because you don’t have to rewash those clothes. 

Next, I spend about ten minutes or so cleaning off the dining table, picking up toys, and tiding up the living room.  It makes for an eaiser time the next day with chores. 

Taking a few minutes out of my evening (I swear it is like thirty minutes if that) helps me the next day stay organized and on task!