Tips to have a stress free Thanksgiving!

Tips to have a stress free Thanksgiving!


So it’s that time of year where you are running around like a chicken with their head cut off, well at least I know I am.  This year, I added it up and we are attending our church Thanksgiving, our son’s preschool Thanksgiving, two family Thanksgivings, and not to mention our big Thanksgiving, and with that comes dishes I have to bring not to mention the grocery shopping, house cleaning, and also my everyday task!  But here are a few tips that I do every Thanksgiving to help me cruise along and actually get to enjoy Thanksgiving.

The first thing I do is decide what I’m going to make that day.  I first make a list, my list is broken down into categories ie. appetizers, side dishes, desserts.  I normally try to stick to the normal Thanksgiving foods I make every year because, one I have my time down to a science to make sure lunch is served at noon and second, I don’t want to try a new recipe and it turn into a disaster.  After I have my menu planned out, I start at the top of the menu and start my grocery list.  Making sure I have everything I need for the big day.  Even though I know I have it in my pantry, I go ahead and buy it because I don’t want to accidentally use the one in the pantry and then I’m scrambling the day before fighting over the last can of green beans on the shelf at the store!

The next thing I do is go grocery shopping the week before hand.  I do this separate from my weekly grocery store trip.  I have learned in the past that if you try to go to the store a few days before Thanksgiving Day, it is an all out war!  And the shelves are so bare that it looks like we are gearing up for a blizzard.   So to avoid all the chaos, I go the week before, (try to go the day your grocery store flier comes out to get the Thanksgiving sales).

A few days before Thanksgiving is when I deep clean.  My deep clean day is Monday anyways so that helps me get everything ready for the big day and I just ask my family to help me keep the house clean.  My husband knows I will go bat crap crazy that week so he really helps out that week, lol.

On Wednesday is my baking day.  I get all of my pies and other goodies baked that day. and if there is any dishes that can be made ahead of time I try to get made as well.  Also on Wednesday I gather all the dishes I will be cooking in and serving in.  This helps me in many ways.  One is so I don’t have to climb up to the attic the day of frantically looking for my gravy boat that I use one day a year and second so I don’t have to be washing the dust off while my mom is holding the pot of mashed potatoes.  I also place sticky notes on every dish so on the Thanksgiving day, my little helpers know which side goes into which dish.  Yes I’m that person. 

To keep people out of the kitchen, have a few finger foods for them to snack on.

Wednesday evening we always have our out of town guest show up and so I always make a big pot of Chicken and Noodles.  That night always get my schedule wrote down.  I break it up in 15 minute increments so I know exactly what time to stick food into the oven and what time it needs to come out of the oven. 

Thanksgiving Feast
Me at our old house getting ready for Thanksgiving

Thursday’s the big day and after I make a small breakfast, have at least a pot of coffee, and have showered its time to roll up my sleeves and do my thing.  Getting things prepared and thought of ahead of time makes things in the kitchen go so much smoother.